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Wedding & Event Planning

Who is AB Events?

Amanda Banks is the Founder and Event Specialist behind AB Events. She’s been in event planning for years, always wanting to transition to weddings. She’s a planner through and through and will be there with you throughout the coordinating process. Gina Spinelli is AB Event’s preferred photographer, and assists Amanda in creating content.

AB Events is…

The extra hand you never knew you needed. Or maybe you did. Either way, I am here to help you as you plan your wedding. Based in Maine, but available worldwide, AB Events is currently booking for 2019 through 2021. Customizable packages are available, and thoughtfully created with you in mind.


It’s so nice to meet you!

Amanda Banks, Founder & Event Specialist

A planner through and through, and a sucker for all things romance, I’ve found my sweet spot in wedding planning.. I was previously styling brides as a cosmetologist when I had the "A-ha" moment. I began seeing the ins and outs of wedding preparation and just couldn't get enough. I fell in love with the details, the special touches, the wow factor, and so AB Events was born.

When I'm not planning events, you can find me:

  • Recipe testing in the kitchen

  • Exercising I love everything from yoga to kickboxing

  • Traveling (I left my heart in Paris)

  • With my toes in the sand My dad and papa are largely responsible for my love for the ocean, as they were both lobstermen. However, when I met the love of my life, he introduced me to life by the lake. Any body of water makes me happy

Gina Spinelli, Preferred Photographer

(Available with Full Package)

My love for photography matches my love for love. I'm drawn to the tiny moments, the intimate little bits of our lives that show our most vulnerable, honest, and gentle selves. On my 10th birthday, I was gifted my first camera, and since then it's been a rarity to see me without one in hand. I went on to study photography in college, and graduated with a BA in art. I’ve photographed various family sessions, art shows, higher education events, and engagement sessions. Moving into the wedding industry has been a dream for years, and it truly feels great to finally be taking the leap into it. I'm so excited to connect with you, and document the beautiful tiny (and big!) moments of your day.

When I'm not photographing love, you can find me:

  • On my yoga mat

  • Traveling every chance I get

  • With my lovely husband who day after day, I just cannot get enough of

  • Petting dogs on the street and also our own little puppy, Koko!

  • Photographing the every day and sharing it all on my insta

  • Listening to (read: binging) podcasts

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